About Us

a few words about us

page2-img1Richmond Hill Tennis Association is a non-profit Community Tennis Association that serves the Town of Richmond Hill.

Our mission is to encourage and promote a healthy, active and connected community through the game of tennis.

Our primary purpose is to develop and promote the game of tennis in Richmond Hill to all residents, regardless of age, gender, disability or level of play.

We are committed to providing expertise and insight into the game of tennis, working with the Town of Richmond Hill to effectively and efficiently use the Town’s tennis facilities while delivering high quality programs that are self-sustaining and do not require Town subsidies.

A Win- Win for all!

The goals of the Richmond Hill Tennis Association are:

1. To promote healthy active lifestyle through the game of tennis
2. To communicate and represent the tennis community in The Town of Richmond Hill, Ontario.
3. To develop self-sustaining tennis programs within Richmond Hill that are affordable and accessible to all residents
4. To strategically improve the quality of tennis courts / facilities in Richmond Hill in order to meet the demand for tennis programs including leagues and lessons

It’s not just about Tennis, it’s about life skills

We seek to inspire all residents to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle and live their dreams. We want our kids in the community to grow up living healthy and active lives. Physical activity is so important for any child's growth and development. The benefits include: Improved social and learning skills, stronger friendships, improved concentration and memory skills, and a positive impact on self-esteem.

Our programs include nutritional education, fitness programs, sessions on goal setting, perseverance, commitment, honesty, integrity and becoming a great team player. We are able to use tennis as a vehicle to provide these programs so we can enhance the lives of youth in our communities.

Childhood obesity is on the rise and we want to get kids moving and becoming more active through our fun and innovative programs. Access to great courts to play on and the provision of equipment allows all kids the opportunity to play and breaks down barriers for those who normally wouldn't be able to participate.